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The best way to organize smart watch straps and bezels! Suitable as a gift for Dads, husbands, uncles, friends, colleagues, and clients at birthdays, anniversaries, Father's day, graduation and work promotions.

A design of the engraving (if chosen to replace "Time is Precious") will be emailed within 48 hours for approval prior to fabrication.


This piece is made-to-order and has 4 removable drawers.

The first 2 drawers are similar with with 4 strap watch compartments and 2 bezel compartments.
The third drawer has a large compartment for watch straps/tools and 2 bezel compartments.
The last drawer is a plate to rest the watch on while changing its straps.
The box's color may be customized according to the last image in the listing.
An optional English or Arabic engraving is possible on the top face to replace "Time is Precious".
If an engraving is not chosen, "Time is Precious" will be engraved by default.
Made of solid wood, this item is designed and hand-crafted in the UAE using sustainably sourced timber.

Compartment Size: 

The strap and bezel compartments are made to fit the Huawei GT, GT 2 and GT 2e smart watch straps and bezels, however they may fit other types of smart watch accessories.
The strap compartments are 15.7cm x 2.9cm and the bezel compartments are 7cm x 6.1cm.
Please make sure to measure the size of your watch accessories to check that they fit before purchasing.

Able To Hold:

1) Up to 12 smart watch straps.
2) 6 watch bezels.
3) Watch tools in the 3rd drawer instead of straps.


The font style will be as in the images above.
The maximum number of characters allowed in this optional engraving to replace "Time is Precious" is 25: This includes letters, apostrophes, hyphens, symbols, numbers, spaces, and dots.
When purchasing this engraving please type the engraving exactly the way you want it (upper case, lower case, with dots etc.) into the field provided.
For symbols, eg. a heart in between 2 words, you may write it like this: I "heart" you
A design of the engraving (if chosen) will be emailed within 48 hours for approval prior to fabrication.


Size L: 25cm, W: 15.5cm, H: 10.5cm
Material Wood - natural or stained
Color Beige, Brown or Dark Brown
Availability Made-to-Order
Completion Time 1-10 working days
Delivery Time 1 working day within UAE and 1-7 days internationally
Care Instructions Wipe with damp cloth followed by dry cloth. Chemical sprays not advised.

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