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A unique keepsake piece to save a child's early mementos. Customizable with the baby's name, it makes a delightful, out-of-the-box gift box! Ideal as a newborn present. This set is made-to-order and comes in the beige and brown colors as seen in the images. The rocket piece has 2 removable drawers and the launching pad has a swiveling top that opens.The top drawer is for the first tooth, the middle drawer is for the first curl and the launch pad is for the hospital wristband.The engravings on the drawers and launch pad are fixed. An English engraving of the name will be on the front face of the rocket to replace 'Joe' or 'Karim'. The way the name is featured will depend on whether there is an 'o' letter in it.

Made of solid wood, this item is designed and hand-crafted in the UAE using sustainably sourced timber.

NAME ENGRAVING:The font style will be as in the images above.The maximum number of characters allowed for the name is 10: This includes letters, apostrophes, hyphens, symbols, numbers, spaces, and dots.When purchasing this engraving please type the engraving exactly the way you want it (upper case, lower case, with dots etc.) into the field provided.An [ 's ] will be added after the child's name, so there is no need to include it when typing the name in the provided field.A design of the engraving will be emailed within 48 hours for approval prior to fabrication.

Care Instructions:

Wipe with damp cloth followed by dry cloth. Chemical sprays not advised.

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