Humaira Bed

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Material: Pinewood


Safety: Our Montessori floor beds have rails all around and sit close to the floor to ensure your little love is safe. The Humaira bed for kids has slats for safety with a solid build. We use nonallergic wood material for making these house beds. Our paints are water-based varnish that doesn’t emit any harmful substances. The  bed frame and slats are made from natural wood. We keep safe the sweet dreams of your kids as well as their health. 

Adorable Design: The minimal and sleek line makes this kids’  bed aesthetically pleasing and looks great in any interior. Waxed wood surface maintains smooth shine and imparts additional wear resistance and water-repellent features. 

Durable: The wood quality of the kids’  bed is top-notch. The natural wood of these sturdy and stable wooden bed frames can last for many years. 

Customizable: You can choose the color of your choice or a different size, and we will be more than happy to deliver the best solution for your needs. 



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