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Tips to stylize your bathroom in 2022

Tips to stylize your bathroom in 2022


Have we ever thought that at home, the most essential room is our bathroom? We often neglect it in home décor. It is the place where most of our guests will visit and often make an impression about our sense of style.  Home décor is incomplete without a beautiful and functional bathroom. You can visit home décor shops and pay a visit to home décor online websites for some inspiration and ideas. But living in Dubai, UAE these home décor accessories and items can be costly. Let's discuss the necessity of having the right bathroom design! Before you start shopping for a designer bathroom, have a look at these ideas. CasaHq will provide a list of home décor accessories and items that will help you in stylizing your bathroom.  

It's never too late to stylize your vanity area: 

The vanity area is one of the limelight areas of your bathroom. You can always arrange your toothbrushes and handwash into a stylish yet modern arrangement. First, use a marble tray, and arrange all your essential things on it. Add some highlights to it by adding a Vase flower arrangement, tissue box, and some lotions. You can check out our home décor items for some ideas.   

Lighting & Light Bulbs: 

You need lighting and bulbs to ensure you stay active throughout the day. Since the weather in Dubai is hot and you may want warmer lighting when the sun comes out. To enjoy these sunny days, you can choose warm lights for your bathroom. You can always consider our hanging pendants wall lamp. You can install it above the vanity area or on some specific wall of your likeness.   

Wooden Mirror: 

While stylizing your bathroom, never neglect the importance of a mirror over the vanity area. Try to choose a wooden mirror because it gives class to your bathroom décor. It can be round shaped or it can be rectangular shaped. You can always consider our best-selling Diva Wooden mirror for stylizing your bathroom area. Its quality of wood will enhance the interior of your bathroom. 

Towel Ladder:  

Investing in the right kind of accessories and items never put you at loss. CasaHq has all the right home décor accessories and home décor items. You can always stylize your bathroom with our most selling product Escada Towel ladder. It’s a perfect thing to add to your bathroom wall.  

Woven jute basket: 

Secondly, stylize with a woven jute basket by the side of your tub or under the vanity area. You can store some essential things under it like some extra towels, etc. You can have a look in our woven basket categories.   

Stylize your bath tray: 

Every bathroom usually has a bathtub installed in their homes. You can decorate your bath tray with some shampoos, liquid soaps, bath salts, and a small towel. This will make your bath experience wonderful. You can add some indoor plants and a scented candle over it.  

Minimalistic Design: 

A professional bathroom design can never be a bad idea. Whether you are looking for a classic style or something advanced and modern, it is better that you choose carefully. For example, in addition to replacing old tiles and plasterboards, we would recommend you buy new ceramic tile sets. As long as the budget allows, you can always hire someone to do the work for you. And you can even choose from several colors. Just choose carefully. Keep it simple.  

Wall Paper: 

Some beautiful windows never let you down. They create an airy feeling to the place you're decorating with a fantastic texture and light color. On the other hand, when using boring wallpaper, it looks dull and faded. Therefore, your bathroom needs a gorgeous pattern that can grab your eye. You can always visit home décor online websites or home décor shops to pay a visit for some ideas. Your wallpaper will make a huge impact on how comfortable you make your bathroom for guests.  

Wall hangings/Painting:

A contemporary bathroom cannot be complete without wall hanging/painting! Having a painting set on top of a window will make a dramatic contrast to the surroundings. Besides, you can choose bold patterns and bright shades to make the space visually appealing. To be a trendsetter, you can add vintage accents along the edges. Try to keep in mind the scale of the entire room and make sure it suits your taste. You can hang one of our very own unique piece wooden handmade potpourri frames vertically or horizontally. It gives the atmosphere a sense of calmness and will emit a beautiful fragrance all the time. You can choose from a wide array of colors to draw attention to your bathroom.  

So these are some of the best tips to stylize your bathroom according to the latest trends of 2022.  I hope our list was useful for you! Make sure you have got everything you need and don’t spend more money than you have to! Always research first about your basic needs. Depending upon where you live, you may have to pay a higher price! Or you may want to have some additional features than the standard bathroom. Of course, it is worth researching a bit and comparing prices between builders, designers, tradesmen, suppliers, etc. So don’t forget to research everything and start saving up to make it happen.  

Feel free to contact us, we'll help you out! Thanks for reading! Hope it helps! 



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