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Elevate Your Space: The Power of Home Decor Accessories

Elevate Your Space: The Power of Home Decor Accessories


Your home is the place where you spend most of your time, specifically for book club, movie night and tea time discussion. It’s where you watch and enjoy cricket and football games together in your leisure time. Since your home is the main point of your gatherings, it should have a well-designed space and décor so that people can have a better image of your taste. This is also about being together in home feeling happy, comfortable and thrive for the best. Home decor has the ability to transform a property or house into home. Here we will discuss a few points which should be considered while elevating your space through the choice of home decor accessories.

Elevate Your Space by Natural Light

As we know that this tip will not require and accessories to elevate the space, it certainly involves some design and style of your home. Natural light has the ability to enhance your space and create sense of pleasant environment in your home. If you like to close the windows and use dark curtains, why not get sheer covering and open them during the daylight? This has the ability to transform your space. You can further consider the following tips to enhance your space by using natural light;

  • Wise use of accessories and artwork
  • Cleaning windows regularly
  • Light window treatments
  • Use of translucent doors
  • Solar tubes and skylights
  • Mindful landscaping
  • Choice of light color for your walls
  • Using metallic and glossy surfaces
  • Use of mirrors for reflection

Find a Color Scheme for Kids

Off course, this is your own choice to select the color scheme of your home but nobody will tell you about the choice. However, it can come with a bit of personality and cohesion to your space which is uniquely selected by you according to your comfort. A mixture of two to three elegant contrasting colors can bring beauty and symmetry in your home. You can use a light or neutral color for the walls of your living room and one wall can be transformed into a focus wall. A careful consideration of the tints, tones and shades of the same color can bring a wonderful design of your home décor. If you will select the white as base color, it will produce tints; while black or darker grey can be used to produce tones and shades.

Selection of Home Décor Accessories to Elevate the Space

When we think about accessories, this is similar to accessorize yourself for a fancy dear and getting ready with nice tie clips, cufflinks, bracelets or necklace. Similarly, we need some wonderful and unique accessories for our home décor which can also elevate the space.

For example, bold patterned or bright colored cushions on sofas, a centerpiece on the table of coffee, and throw blankets or throw pillows on a bed in living room can be really amazing. These can be combined with the magazines or books on the coffee table along with some hand-crafted home décor.

How about a few personalized photo frames to refresh your beautiful memories and a small bookshelf with your bedroom for night time reading? Many small shelves can be added at the corners of your home containing gifts from your spouse or colleagues.

The best accessory for your kitchen is a backslash which adds to your color decorating and is extremely functional. A tile or wooden backsplash adds beauty to your kitchen and elevates the space by reducing the need of other related accessories.

Accessories and Kids Furniture to Elevate the Nursery Space

This is always enjoyable to design a nursery for your little one. You are always willing to create a beautiful space for them where they will grow, learn and sleep. The key to this project is to design a place that is well functional, aesthetically pleasant with right choice of furniture that can elevate the space.

Several pieces of kids furniture and nursery décor can be helpful for the creation of amazing kid’s room. This includes but not limited to a changing table, a convenient rocking chair and a cosy cot. This is for sure that these accessories are important for kids but there is no denying in that their wise selection can elevate the space.

Most of the kid’s rooms have a smaller space, however, they are full of all the accessories and furniture necessary for maximizing the space limitation. Stylish storage baskets can be extremely useful to organize the kid’s stuff like baby essentials, toys and nappies. A large variety of these baskets is available which come with colored patterns and designs. If your kid’s room has a smaller space and you are looking for ideas to use the space maximally, here are a few tips that can be used to elevate the space.

  • Create a storage wall to collect all the stuff in order
  • Make a bed having underneath shelves and storage
  • Elevate the space of desk/bed and use the underneath space
  • Design a loft bed with a combination of work, storage and sleep together
  • Construct storage units vertically above the beds
  • Kids furniture should be multifunctional


As parents, you are always looking to give your best to your kids whether it is in the form of kid’s furniture or accessories. Remember that designing a kid’s room is not only about providing the essentials but this is more about providing the comfortable environment where they will grow, learn and flourish in their life. These are the things which are necessary for them to make memories and happy moments for their coming life ahead.

Choosing the right and better accessories for your kids is always challenging. We at our store, CASA HQ, offer a large variety of kids accessories which include but not limited to tables, chairs, throw pillows and storage accessories. We are always available to help you choose the best options with proper guidelines and many other possibilities. Go ahead and transform your kid’s room into a wonderland where they can flourish.
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