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Quick Guide to Kids' Room Decor

Quick Guide to Kids' Room Decor


Are you expecting a baby and already making a list of names to pick from? The next thing you should consider is decorating your kid's room. Designing an adorable and functional space for your little one should be fun, but it can also be challenging. Are you not sure where to start and need a little advice? We've got you covered. 

Kids' growing age plays a crucial role in deciding what to add to a room. The speed at which they grow can confuse you because when you set everything according to one phase, your kid ages and moves to the next phase with different needs, attractions and preferences. Different age groups need different designs, decor and accessories, so in this blog, we want to walk you through every phase of your kid's age so that you can easily make decisions regarding your kid's room decor.

Infants (up to 2 years):

An infant's room does not need a lot of furniture items, but somehow you'd like to have a fairyland feeling in your newborn's room where they can enjoy total freedom. The infant's room is where you will spend more time than usual, so you should have enough space. A reading table and an easy chair are a must-have in an infant's room for you as well as a shelf to keep all necessary items that belong to the kid, e.g. diapers, oils, lotions, essential medicines, milk powder and milk bottles. 

The shelf needs to be very comfortable for you, probably 30-36 inches. You should consider adding colours to your newborn's room as colourful stuff is always attractive for them, but if you'd want to go with a pastel theme, that is also a good option as it soothes the baby at an early age.

Toddlers (3-8 years):

At three years or more, kids develop a specific vision of what their room should look like. They often get inspired by fairytale backdrops and movie sets. The trick is to balance your budget and style with childlike imagination. 

Little girls would love having a dresser at this age so that you can add one according to their liking. A chair and table is an excellent idea as it'll initiate interest in education in your toddler. You can consider adding a blackboard or whiteboard in the room to speed up learning ability enjoyably. 

A soft board to post artwork is also an excellent option that you can avail. Consider adding enough toys and a play mat to your toddler's room. Keep everything in proper storage where these are easily accessible to the kid. 

Adolescents (9 to 14 years):

Decorating a room for an adolescent is quite a challenge. It should be a collaboration between parents and children. Letting your teen decide their room decor will give them a sense of acknowledgement and ensure that their space reflects their taste and personality. 

Keeping in mind the privacy concern, the kid might not like to share the room with other siblings. The room should add all the colours of your kid's choice. Consider adding wallpapers and a music system in the room. Your kid's style and taste will change with time. You should be ready to switch to new decor and accessories for your kid's room. 



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