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Everyone in this world knows the importance of the correct use of lighting in home décor. Many house owners during their home décor face the biggest challenge of getting the proper lighting for their homes. In-home décor, only installing and fixing designer and decorative light fixtures is insufficient. An owner must know about lighting to segregate the places in his home where these lights need to be installed or fixed based on the lighting density. Sometimes it seems that some areas need more light than others. All this requires the help of some professional and extensive planning. For this purpose, you can consult your architect or interior designer for the exact light placement and fixtures. Our experts are also just one call away from providing you consultation for home décor in Dubai and UAE.

If you are clear or not about your requirements and ideas of lighting for home décor, here are some valuable tips that will help you chalk out a perfect lighting plan that will be helpful for you during your next home improvement and decoration project. These tips include using the right amount of lights in the right places.

Your Lighting Goals:-

Different people have different goals and requirements for lights. Some prefer to use more decorative lights, while others like simple white flashing lights. Therefore, it is essential to have a firm idea of how you want to decorate your house. A balanced approach by balancing lights during home décor is critical. Every room in your home must appear bright while exhibiting a comforting ambience and warmth.

For example, if you are looking for a cosy and comforting bedroom, cove lights or dim yellow lights are more effective than any other colour or combination. While any study room in a home should be bright, for which white LED lights are suitable because they can exhibit an energized and active environment.

Having Multiple justify Sources:-

Having multiple lights is more effective in compact and studio apartments, where you have less space for different activities. In such a situation, you can install various light sources for better functionality and increase the variety of activities in a limited space

For example, putting floor lamps in the dim corners of the home next to a reading chair or your couch is a perfect option. Installing LED lights on the kitchen's base counters to increase visibility is also excellent. The prime focus of having multiple light sources is to make every corner of your home appealing and functional.

Recessed Lights, Good for High Ceilings:-

The average height of ceilings in a home is between 9-11 feet. However, it's better to use recessed lights if you are staying in a house with excessively high ceilings. Nowadays, recessed lights are becoming more popular for the modern and contemporary look they demonstrate. These lights can easily make any space look well-lit and modern.

Chandeliers in Large Rooms:-

Large rooms in any home are primarily directed as spacious halls and living rooms. Putting chandeliers in the centre of large spaces is not a new trend; however, the design and overall look have undergone many transformations. You can explore various contemporary and modern chandeliers from our lighting portion. The key to using a perfect chandelier is to buy an elegant, stylish, and slim chandelier so that room may appear sophisticatedly aesthetic. You can consider long, small bulbs, crystal finishes, wooden covered lights, faux candles etc.

If you are looking for home décor items and accessories in Dubai and UAE at a reasonable price with a wide variety of options, then our home décor online service is ready to serve you. You choose different home décor items from our home décor online shop or can call us for taking guidelines for various home décor accessories.

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