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Kids' Room Paint: Our Tips


It's not easy to come up with elegant yet fun kids' room paint ideas, mainly because when you're creating a child's bedroom, all the rules (or, at least, many of them) go out the window. Whether it's buying furniture, decorating, or picking out a color for the kids' room, this is one space where you can go as creative as you want. Bright colors, vivid patterns, murals are all options

that can be used to not only fit your style aesthetic but also cater to your child's sensitivity.


It's also important to remember that as your children become older, their opinions on what color they prefer tend to vary. So how would you come up with a solution for choosing a color for your child's room?


Here are our 7 quick tips:


Soothing Pastels

Calming hues, known for their calming, relaxing properties, will create a nursery that feels restful (for you, if not the baby). A chalky neutral color such as sapling green paint is ideal if you don't want a gender-specific color. Also, make sure the paints are eco-friendly and have little or no smell, making them perfect for nurseries. Style the room with colors within the same color family as the walls to maintain the aesthetic. Don’t shy away adding some patterned, floral pieces that will elevate your kids' room to be their best versions.


Let Them Have Fun on Chalkboard Paint

Nothing says more fun than the chance to scribble over the walls. A chalkboard wall is a fun kids' room paint idea where kids can write and draw, ensuring to keep them amused for hours! Get water-based paint for ease of cleaning.



Take Them On A Journey With A Mural

Murals can be used to evoke children’s’ imaginative play and creativity. Art has been known to help in cognitive development.



Geometrics are a popular choice with their simple design and ease of implementation. If you are a DIY-phobe, wallpaper is a less labor-intensive option.



White Can Work

White doesn't have to be a boring choice! Accessorize with vibrant detailing, such as pillows and rugs, to provide color. Painting your woodwork and furniture is another quick and affordable way to add color to an otherwise neutral scheme.


Try this for the older kids:


The Grey Monotone

Teenagers' rooms can be challenging to get right because they often like darker, moodier colors, whether or not they suit the room. This is where grey comes in: it's a sophisticated color that will pair seamlessly with many colors from other color families. Style this with bright color accessories.


Go 50:50

Don't know which of your favorite colors to choose? Why not combine the two? Color blocking can be a captivating choice but be sure make sure they have similar tones. To tie the room together, choose additional accessories and decorations in the same color family.

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