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How To Pick the Perfect Toddler House Bed for Your Little One


The exhilaration and contentment of your children are your foremost requirements because they are the most prized possession for you in this world. However, if your child is a toddler then you have to take care of several things as there is much demand for care and supervision of a toddler. It is evident that when your baby starts walking, you start planning and ensuring his safety, which includes upgrading his crib to a toddler bed.

If you are also looking for a toddler bed, then several things need to be looked into before getting a bed for a toddler. Here are some crucial points that you should consider, especially when you are out to buy kids' furniture in the UAE:-

  • Time to Change from Crib to Bed. The ideal age for your child to transition from a cot to a toddler bed is between 1 to 3 years. However, it is not necessary. On the other hand, if your little one feels uneasy or can climb out of the crib, there is room to change his sleeping place. Whereas, if the little one has not started walking yet or he does not feel a disturbance then you can wait up to 1.5 years and can use a cot. However, if your kid has started washroom training then getting out of a toddler's bed is easier as compared to a crib.
  • Does the Toddler Bed have any Worth? Most parents prefer to purchase a twin-size bed during the transition of their child from the crib to a bed. The reason why parents consider purchasing twin-size beds is that it will save the cost and will last longer. However, toddler beds are more suitable for kids aged 1 to 3 years because twin beds, especially those in teen use, are too big for a toddler. As twin-size beds come without rails and are also high from the ground, therefore, your kid may show signs of perplexity and discomfort in them. Whereas, a toddler house bed is especially designed for your little one. The toddler beds provide security and comfort to your little one. Since these beds are lower to the ground, therefore, people tend to incorporate sliding storage drawers underneath these beds where they can store toddler favourite toys, books, shirts, shoes, or other prized possessions.
  • Is the Room of Your Toddler Safe? Before buying your toddler's house bed, make sure that his room is secure. There shouldn't be any open windows, electricity boards, or gas leakage points, especially those that are in your child's reach. You can also install a baby monitor which you can get while you are out to buy kids' furniture in UAE. These baby monitors come in several varieties, ranging from audio and video to Wi-Fi. These monitors also have a speaker and display screen and help in preventing any mishap as your baby will always be under watch.
  • Visit Furniture Stores. Although several online furniture stores offer good quality furniture at very reasonable prices. However, if you are looking to buy kids' furniture, then it is recommended that you physically visit furniture stores. When you are going to buy a toddler bed, then you have to do a bit of hustle to get the perfect bed for your little one. Moreover, to get a fascinating and comfortable bed for your little one, visit some furniture stores selling children's furniture and see what is trendy in children's furniture.
  • Choice of Your Kids. Since it would be the first time for your toddler to sleep in a bed, therefore, involve them also and let them decide for themselves concerning design and colour. For example, if your toddler is a girl, you can get her a bed princess themed, having picked a color, while for a toddler boy, you can go for a car-themed bed with blue or green color. Your toddler's involvement is only limited to the appearance (design and color) of the bed, while for the comfort of your child, you have to take stock of it.
  • Picking the Right Bed. Various details need to be looked into, especially when you are looking for a worthy toddler bed. The qualities that a toddler's bed should have are as follows:-
  • Heavy-Duty. Make sure that the bed you are purchasing for your toddler is sturdy because your child will be doing much cavorting. A heavy-duty bed will not break due to your child's leaping and cavorting.
  • Round-Edged Frame. Avoid buying furniture for your kids that is pointed from its edges or a piece of furniture with a design that might injure your child. You can select a bed with a simple frame and uncluttered.
  • Low Furniture. Always opt for low furniture, especially when you are buying a bed for your toddler. If you get a high bed for your kids, there will always be the risk of their falling off the bed. However, if you have already purchased a toddler house bed which is high, then you can use the crib mattress that will save you money from buying a new bed. You can set the crib mattress on the floor by keeping the carpet underneath, and it will serve the purpose of saving your kid from falling off the high bed.
Frame Design. Although finding an ideal frame design for your kids' bed is the crux of the matter. However, there is no need to worry, especially for those who want to buy kids' furniture in UAE, as we have got them covered. If you have a slightly raised bed, look for an enclosed frame with rails around it. This will help your child to grab the rails and climb up and down the bed easily. Additionally, you also have not to worry about your little one falling while sleeping in his bed, as the frame of the bed will protect him.
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