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How To Personalize the Nursery Room

How To Personalize the Nursery Room


 A blog about creating the perfect nursery room for your sweetie 

There is so much to organize and complete all the to-do list tasks before you’ll meet your new member of the family. Many parents neglect the importance of decorating the nursery for their newborn child. Nevertheless, in home décor, we cannot neglect the importance of the nursery room.  Unlike working out how many clothes, baby products, and nappies you need to get stocked up, decorating a nursery is a magical and fun journey for both the expectant parents to show some creativity. After all, it’s a space where both you and a child will spend most of your time there. Try to decorate that room with a vision that your upcoming child really feel as though it's their own room right from the very beginning. Of course, there are lots of home décor online websites for some ideas and inspiration. But it’s important that you should design your nursery according to your own budget and timeline.  

Benefits of having a nursery:-

Having a separate room for the baby, the mess doesn’t spread out much. With this you get to bond with your new baby and keeps all the baby stuff like toys, products, and furniture in a separate room. 

If you live in Dubai, UAE, or moving to Dubai and expecting a baby, you need someone to guide you in home décor. There are lots of home décor shops Dubai or home décor online websites where you can get ideas on how to embellish your nursery. But, our experts in CasaHq will guide you on how you can decorate your nursery not gender specific way keeping in creating a safe, welcoming, soothing spot for your baby to sleep, play, and grow. If you want to know these modern ideas to give your nursery a warm and bright look, keeps on reading. 

Get creative with wall: 

In home décor, the one place where you can show your creativity is your very own wall. For that, you don’t need to be an artist. For designing nursery room, there are lots of home décor accessories and home décor items to get creative with. But if we talk about nursery wall, anything goes like soft colors, bright colors, pattern wallpapers or even murals. You can get some inspiration from our blog named kids room paint: Our Tips 

Classic white crib:  

Having a cot in a nursery room is one of the most essential furniture. Try to buy that crib which will grow with the baby, rather than having to keep changing it every time. We will suggest go with a wooden crib. A wooden crib is a safest choice not just for the baby but for your own peace of mind. You can always choose color of your choice, but we will suggest go with classic white crib. You can check our kid’s furniture for ideas.  

Cot mobiles: 

Calming or interesting cot mobiles is a positively, thought provoking nursery essential. It has lots of benefits for the new born. It makes stronger motor skills. It helps baby falls to sleep. Even doctors recommend cot mobiles for the babies. Adding these cot mobiles brings joy, style and attractive look to the whole baby room theme.  Benefits include visual stimulation, sleep routine familiarity and motor skill development. Its just not only compliment the home décor but it has lots of benefits too. 

A reading corner: 

If your nursery area is big, then try to add a reading nook for your baby. You can set this corner with book display wall shelving, where all your bedtime story books have been displayed. You can decorate this book corner with some stickers on the wall or add a fun colorful feature wall for a brighter corner. You can also stylize this corner with fun jungle themed wallpaper.  

Comfortable chair and a blanket: 

In the first year of your child’s, especially a mother needs to spend a lot of time in a nursery. A comfy chair is an absolute necessary furniture for resting on as you read your little bundle of joy a bedtime story, bounce your baby when the baby cries or falls sleep on mother’s lap.  

Go with a multi-purpose furniture:  

A changing table for the baby or a storage cupboard is the most necessary furniture to add in a nursery room. If you are planning to buy a new changing table, or a cupboard than try to go with a multi-purpose furniture. You can design your own furniture like choose a chest of drawers at a comfortable height for you to use as a changing table. Then You'll have all the storage you need under neath it for all the baby clothes. 

Go with minimal lights: 

Decorating any room of your home with lights, is one of the most essential home décor accessories and item. A baby at the initial days of the life, is very delicate. That small person doesn’t need bright lights in his early days of childhood. Try to go for very warm lights. Place warm floor lamps, side lamps or fairy lights to give cozy atmosphere.  

In the end, we just wanted to conclude our blog on the point, that whatever choice you made for your home décor, try to cherish these memories and have fun.  Because that time will not come again 

If you want any expert advice, you can always visit our website and follow us on Instagram for more inspiration.  


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