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Buying Outdoor Furniture

Buying Outdoor Furniture?


With the onset of September, it is safe to say that winter is officially coming, and this means a leisurely escape outside. At Casa HQ, we firmly believe that even small spaces such as balconies and pocket gardens can be enhanced significantly with the right patio furniture. After all, thoughtful planning can not only make the outdoor space your favorite spot for lounging, dining, and entertaining but serve as an accurate representation of your personality outside the home. Keep reading as we share some tips to help you navigate any design dilemmas you might have with picking out your patio furniture:


Make a list of your patio furniture needs

Start by considering how you want your outdoor space to work. Do you want it to serve as a dining area on cooler winter nights? Are you planning to host your next party there? Or do you see a quiet reading corner in your outdoor space?

Make a list of the activities you would like to do in the space and use it as a guide to determine what type of patio furniture is necessary. A dining table, for instance, is not essential if you need your outdoor space to be more of a casual getaway. Opting for plenty of comfortable seating and multiple side tables would be the better choice in such a case.


Measure your outdoor space

Take into account how much space you have and how it is shaped. Are you looking to decorate a narrow and long balcony or a wide and expansive deck? As with furnishing a living room or family room, consider the space and shape of your outdoor space. This will help you determine how large the best outdoor furniture for you should be and what groupings will fit. For example, a bar table set is a better choice than regular dining sets for small spaces. Bar tables are shorter, and stools take up more space than chairs. Similarly, Bistro or cafe tables and chairs can also be an ideal fit since they too have a small profile.

Also, remember to leave enough room for your furniture to move around in comfort. Our suggestion is to apply the same principles for traffic flow that you would use indoors.


 Decide where you'll place the furniture

Are you able to see your outdoor space or patio from the outside? Do you have an overhead cover? Do you have to place your furniture on grass and soft ground or a concrete deck? Questioning yourself on these will help you select furnishings that match your environment and will likely last longer there.


Test out your outdoor seating before you buy

Take a seat when shopping for the best outdoor furniture especially for sofas and chairs. Comfortable patio furniture is essential, especially in the winter months where you plan on spending a lot of time. If you are shopping online, make sure to check reviews and try it out upon arrival. Uninviting furniture will make your patio less enjoyable for you and your guests. Look for pieces with plush cushions on the seats or cozy up metal and wood furniture with fluffy pillows for the utmost comfort. Finally, make sure all fabrics are weather-resistant to prevent color-fading or mildew growth. 


Mind the Material

Choose furniture that is easy to maintain and complements the look and feel of your home and landscape when shopping for furniture.

  • Natural wood is solid and durable, but it must be protected from the elements and treated with UV-protective treatments. It's also valuable to remember that redwood, teak, and cedar are weather-resistant woods that need less maintenance.

  • Natural materials such as rattan or wicker offer a casual and comfortable look for your deck. However, they will need to be weatherproofed every few years. The resin finish on synthetic rattan or wicker will last much longer.
  • Steel and wrought are the strongest, of course, but they require cushions for comfort. Furthermore, these materials are great for outdoor use but must be weatherproofed and painted regularly to avoid rust.


You should think about storage for your patio furniture

Add years to the life of your patio furniture by storing it in a protected location during the off-season. To prevent further wear and damage, a shed, garage, or basement will protect your furniture from the elements. Even the best outdoor furniture, such as teak chairs and wrought-iron sofas, will last longer if stored away when it's not in use. 

Patio furniture that folds up or can be taken apart quickly for compact storage is a good option if you have limited storage space. Stackable chairs are another option to maximize storage space after the patio season is over. For those that are not movable, consider fitted furniture covers that will shield your furniture from rain, sand storms, and UV in the harsh summer months.

Mix and match colors for your outdoor decor

You don't have to stick to the traditional neutrals or wood tones when you buy patio furniture. You can find wicker, metal, and wood pieces in many different colors. Look for furnishings that play up colors found in your landscaping, your home's exterior, or your other outdoor decor. If you can't find the right color in the store, a DIY paint job can quickly perk up patio furniture with any hue you'd like. However, bolder colors are best for accents and cushions. 

Add outdoor rugs for comfort

Place patio furniture on an all-weather rug to ground it. Textile advancements in recent years have brought many quick-drying outdoor rugs to the market. An outdoor rug is soft underfoot and has a rich texture that brings the comforts of indoors to your deck or patio. To tie your outdoor space together, choose a pattern and color that matches your decor and furniture. And before you buy, make sure it is rated for outdoor use.

Grab some pieces from our outdoor section!

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