All About Jute - The Versatile Home Decoration

All About Jute - The Versatile Home Decoration

Jute rug has gained popularity as an eco-friendly yet stylish way of decorating your living room. Keep reading to find our favorite things about this versatile piece  for home decoration.

Why use jute in decoration?
It has high levels of resistance and looks great for dramatic textiles. Jute can be used to create  rustic designs with a natural, farmhouse feel to it. It gives the  perfect balance between vintage design and contemporary design.


  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Low initial investment
  • Sustainable
  • Resists insects


Here are 4 quick tips on styling jute rugs:


1.Shapes and colors for added character.

Don’t limit yourself to the regular square and rectangular rug shapes. Try circular rugs to give the space more character.


Dark trims stand out and can be used for framing spaces  such as sitting areas, white light trims blend with the room décor


Layer your jute rugs for added character


4.Pair with other woven furniture for a coordinated aesthetic


How to care for jute rugs

  • Vacuum regularly, be careful not with the edges.
  • Blot for spills
  • In sunny spaces, rotate the rug for even fading
  • Do not wet the rug as it can damage the fibers

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