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Buying Guide for Rugs

Buying Guide for Rugs


Struggling to Decide on Your New Rugs? Here's How to Save Time and Money: A blog on how to choose the right rugs for home décor. 

In today’s world, everybody is very specific about home décor. Everyone wants a home that looks welcoming, bright, chic yet cozy at the same time. However, to get such type of home of your dreams, you need to be very much vigilant and active regarding new updated home décor trends. There are different home décor online websites and social media pages where we can get the latest trending ideas about home decoration. But unfortunately, we all can’t afford such types of lavish home décor accessories and home décor items. But that doesn’t mean we can’t stylize our home according to the latest trends. We can help you by giving you some tips regarding how you can stylize your home. 

Many experts and designers suggest that if any of the rooms in a home lacks excitement and is pretty dull, just add a rug, Problem solved. One added rug just completes the whole room by adding color and life to it. It gives a welcoming yet warm look to the whole area. 

Importance of Adding rugs:-

Unique appearance: Adding a rug will bring value to the home décor. With different color textures and patterns, it will give a room a unique and classy look.  

Warm environment: Adding a rug will help the floor to insulate from cold during winters.  

Easy to maintain: Rugs are easy to maintain than a carpet, as we can easily wash them in our homes with drying machines.  

In a leading city like Dubai, where people can easily hire interior designers for home décor as money is not an issue for them. Or they can visit home décor shops in Dubai as they like. Don’t get disappointed, if you cannot afford it. Just doing some little changes to your home interior will make a huge difference in your home. 

Some tips on How to Choose the Right Rug:  

It’s very difficult to choose the right rug for your home. After all, it’s your home we are talking about. For home décor, never compromise over quality. For this, we will suggest handmade rugs, a beautiful home décor item that adds value to your space.  

Why choose a handmade rug?  

Advanced Quality: Handmade rugs have the best and higher quality than those machine-made rugs and counterparts. These handmade rugs are woven by hand, with quality assurance. Although these handmade rugs are more expensive rather than those machine-made rugs, it’s worth the buy.    

Traditional designs: The traditional designs of these rugs range from bold and bright to textured and natural, thus giving each rug a distinctive design.  

Representing the local heritage: Most of the rugs are representing the local heritage of different countries. For Example, mostly handmade rugs are imported from Afghanistan. Afghanistan is famous for handmade rugs. Weaving art has become active in recent years, because of these handmade rugs.  

Some tips you need to follow when shopping for a rug: 

Choose the right material: Now you have purchased a rug, you need to choose the material of the rug. The rug comes in a variety of materials like wool, cotton, and silk and all of them differ in appearance, durability, and feel. So, choose the right material for different areas of the home.   

Buy the right size:  

While buying a rug for home décor, make sure that you have bought the right size rug for every room. You can visit home décor online websites or home décor shops in Dubai to get an idea of size.  

Tips about rug placing:  

Create a Central Point 

Use a rug as the central point of your room, like in the living room you can add a rug in a middle, and place a coffee table over it to make it a focal point.  

Use rugs to separate the areas:  

Use a handmade rug to define or separate areas, such as seating or dining areas, this is especially useful in bigger apartments or houses like in Dubai that define definition.   

Choose your rug color wisely: 

If we search around home décor shops in Dubai and home décor online, we will find lots of rug colors with different patterns and textures. If you want to add color to the dull area of your home, place a bright color rug. and, rug colors are more important than patterns and designs.  

Try to use one rug at a time:  

Adding more than one rug at a time is a terrible idea for home décor. Your bedroom, living room, or dining room will look very messy. You can use rugs to create variety in a specific room you want to décor. When you use two rugs in a room, be cautious about it, because it can make the room jumbled up.  

Play with shapes: 

There is a huge variety of rugs available in different shapes in the market like circle, oval, square, or rectangular. Try to explore these shapes, and play with these different shapes of rugs according to your furniture and wall color.  

Rug Hanging: 

Use a traditional rug as a wall hanging for another way to display a rug, or to create a center of attention.  


When it comes to decorating your home, everyone wants the best to give their home a look of perfection. Even a small change can bring a big impression.  

If you are in Dubai, UAE, and wanted more home décor ideas please visit our website for some inspiration. You can take a look at our home décor accessories and home décor items to buy for your perfect dream home.   

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