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What makes a perfect bedroom ? And how to achieve a modern one

What makes a perfect bedroom ? And how to achieve a modern one


The bedroom is the one place where you want to lay down, rest, and chill. Where you want to just relax and calm down the exhaustion of the day. It’s like a shelter from the chaos of life (and the rest of the home). You may be struggling to decorate other areas of the room where your guests will see, but neglected your own bedroom décor. After all, you spend almost half of your life in the bedroom. It's vital to make your bedroom warm, cozy and welcoming. So, we suggest using some neutral colors to create the best room experience. Whether you are beginning from scratch or your room is half done and you just need some last touchups for a final look. We are here to help you. Our experts in CasaHq will guide you on how you can decorate or redecorate your bedroom with home décor accessories or home décor items to make your bedroom your dream room.  

Want to know how you can achieve your modern bedroom look? Just keeps on reading 

Velvet bed frame: 

Bring in velvet when you are redecorating or decorating your bedroom from the scratch. By adding a bed with a velvet bed frame your room looks royal as well as classy. The velvet bedframe will bring out a vintage look.  

Sofas and Ottomans:  

If you have a large bedroom, and you have a spare space to make it a seating area. Then we will suggest you add some sofas, a coffee table, and ottomans. You can make this space pleasing for having some chit-chat having a cup of tea and coffee with your guests, or spending some quality time with your family by enjoying watching Tv. 

Install a mirror: 

If your room is small, deliberately hang a mirror over the bed or over your dressing table. This helps makes your room looks larger and helps in bringing the natural light and can add a modern look too on the bare walls. You can install a natural wood mirror over the wall to add class to the bedroom. 

Decorate with warm lights: 

Home décor is incomplete without a perfect set of lights in the home. If we talk about lighting in the bedroom area, your bedroom should have at least 3 to 4 lights. Your bedroom needs to give a warm and cozy look. For the bedroom, table lamps and wall hangings may appear to be mesmerizing and they go with every room’s setting. You can always stylize your room with side table lamps, floor lamps, and hanging pendant lights. However, lamps whether they are ordinary or fancy are the most essential thing for decoration.  

Add rugs and pillows: 

A great rug can cost a few hundred dollars or more, but it’s worth the buy. Adding a rug not just changes the mood of the room, but also brings life to the dull area. Its presence makes the chilled evenings of the winter warm. You can always add some pop-up color pillows on your rug, on your bed, or on the sofa to make your bedroom look modern and trendy at the same time.   

Statement wall: 

Choose a wall in your bedroom for some artwork. It can be costly to purchase some well-known artists’ paintings to hang. Instead, to make your dull wall looks bright, add wallpaper. Paint a wall, and hang some photos of your family or your own artwork. Do some creativity. This wall is your canvas, paint it out. There are so many home décor online websites to get some inspiration and ideas. Go check it out.   

Bring in some plants: 

One of our most adorned home décor accessories is adding an indoor plant to the bedroom. It’s just not adding a popup look to your room, but with its presence, everything looks natural and bright. Just pick a plant that is easy to maintain and voila you have the perfect room.  

If you live in Dubai, UAE, and you wanted to buy some home furniture you can always visit home décor shops Dubai or home décor online websites for some inspiration and ideas. But if you wanted to invest money in quality items, then you have come to the right place. You can always check out our home décor accessories and home décor items to get the idea. Our team will guide you or you can visit our website for some inspiration.   


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